Register: you need to register before you can post your Ads or your items for free of charge. Click to register for English page, or click here for Khmer page. They are both the same, so users can use either to register. If you are already registered with KhmerAdverts, click to login for English, or here for Khmer.

After successful registration or login, you are redirected to your profile page where you may need to fill out some information such as your first name, last name, telephone numbers, and upload your photo so that it can be displayed to your buyers when they view your Ads or Items. Filling all info on your profile are totally optional; it is up to you to make your Ads look nice and reliable. See images below:

Please note that every new post you create will be always started for English page, and after you have saved or published it, you can translate it into Khmer. This will avoid confusions while you are creating your new post; you will see that in step (9) below.

  1. Write your name
  2. Upload your photo
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  4. Write your phone numbers
  5. Set a new password if you want
  6. Update your profile after you have completed it
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    you can skip steps 1-5 if you post only one or two items. It is recommended you complete your profile if you have many items to be advertised.
  8. Click to post an item or Ads
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  10. Write the title of your item
  11. Describe your item in details
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  13. You cannot translate yet before you have saved or published your item
  14. Select a category related to your item, then click on “+” sign to reveal subcaterories until the last ones
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    user guide
  16. Select a location where your item is
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  18. Click on “+” sign to add image. You can add up to 10 images for your item/Ads
  19. Enter a price for your item, then select if a Total or Monthly price
  20. Write your phone numbers if you have not done so in steps 1-5 above
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  22. Write an email address if it is different from the one in your profile
  23. Enter a postal address where your item is located, then press find
  24. Press Publish button to publish your item
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  26. Translate your item: It is very easy to translate your item. After you click on “+” sign, all information you entered are copied to your translated item except the title of item and its description which you need to translate.
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  28. If you dont translate your item, KhmerAdverts will translate it automatically using Google Translater. But it is recommended that you translate your item as machine-translated item wont be very good for human reading

Why do you need to translate your item?

KhmerAdverts is designed and developed in compliance with the International Standardisation for Multi-lingual purposes; it means each page is created for one language. Because there are two languages available on KhmerAdverts, two different pages are required for one item or one Ads; one for English and the other for Khmer. Translating your item can be easily found when buyers look for your item on the Internet using Google search engines and on KhmerAdverts website.

However, there is no harm to have both English and Khmer languages on the same page, but another page needs to be created too.

Contact us

If you still have problems with posting your Ads, you can contact KhmerAdverts here via phone, email, FB message, WhatsUp, Skype. We are happy to help you with any issues.